Litigation Services

Power up with training & support

The emergence of trial technology is altering how attorneys present evidence in today’s courtrooms and what juries expect to experience. Engaging juries in today’s world requires persuasive audio/visual presentations involving graphics, animations, simulations and video.

Power Presentations provides you with the must-have dynamic tools needed to present cases. Our goal is to help our clients gain the competitive edge they need as technology advances and presentation expectations continue to increase.

We make it easy

Incorporating technology into trial presentations is easier than you think. At Power Presentations, we help empower your firm to utilize presentation tools effectively and dynamically.

We provide:

  • Individualized, on-site training
  • Ongoing support with all presentation services
  • Customized instruction from beginner to expert level

Power Presentations can help you incorporate these technologies into your courtroom presentations:

  • Document call-outs
  • “Day in the life” videos
  • Text-to-video synchronization
  • PowerPoint and Keynote presentations
  • Animated accident re-enactments
  • Medical illustrations and animations
  • Interactive digital timelines