It has never been easier for Louisville attorneys and paralegals to integrate digital tools into their cases.

That’s because Power Presentations, LLC is a team of expert litigation consultants with years of experience providing hi-tech in-trial support to Kentucky legal professionals. The videos, graphics, animations, and interactive timelines we help you create for trial presentations are focused on the most important details of your case.

But our support doesn’t stop there. We act as a “full-service” member of your team, offering our knowledge and knowhow of courtroom presentations as pertains to equipment, strategy, and implementation.

Equipment Rental
and Training


War Room Preparation
and Support


Live In-Trial "Hot Seat"


We’ll strengthen your cases by providing the following features:

Cutting-edge technical equipment - enabling clear, quick, succinct presentation of your case’s key points to the judge, the jury, opposing counsel, and mediators.

Litigation war room - ensuring the digital equipment in your “war room” collaboration space is organized, efficient, and reliable.

In-trial presentation technicians - operating trial presentation technology in the “hot seat”.